There are an abundance of tools to guide a developer in customizing their end application. The videos in this section will show the user how to use the system out of the box with simple example applications and the different options you have to setup the hardware with UT and PA parameters as well as debugging / monitoring tools. Also shown are examples of how 3rd party products interface with OEM-PA hardware.

FMC TFM Videos

Videos that highlight the versatility and accuracy of our phased array FMC/TFM solution. See for yourself how sensitive, accurate and fast your NDT can be.


OEM-PA Interfacing with MATLAB, LabVIEW and  Linux

Configure our equipment 100% without any restrictions. And in the environment of your choice. (Matlab, Labview, Linux, C++, C#)

AOS Software

These videos will help you learn how to setup your device, install the software, and use the two example applications provided; OEM-PA Sector and OEM-PA Tool.