TFM Toolbox

TFM Toolbox: DLL for TFM and Advanced TFM Imaging:

  • Programming for C, C++, C#, Matlab, Python, etc. in the shape of a DLL
  • Many different algorithms available: SAFT, TFM, Advanced TFM (PWI, XWI, DWI, CWI,…), Adaptive, and more!
  • Fast imaging using Nvidia GPU parallel computing



Key Benefits

    Usable with:
  • Real-time, open Phased Array hardware (typically OEM-PA)
  • Real time FMC
  • Post processing
  • Usable without hardware for post processing analysis in any Windows environment

More Features

  • Flexible reconstruction grid (size and resolution)
  • All probe configurations: linear, matrix, PE, PC
  • Direct/ Indirect/ Corner modes, with mode conversion
  • 2D/3D computations

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