• High Performance
  • Small cubic form factor
  • Scalable
  • Up to a high channel count range
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Inter-unit Synchronization


  • 16/16, 16/128, 32/32, 32/128
  • 64/64, 128/128, 256/256


  • LabVIEW Driver
  • MATLAB Driver
  • Total Focusing Method DLL
  • 3D Focal Law Calculator
Pulser Communication 1
Pulse Voltage 145V LAN (1000 BT, Gigabit Ethernet) 10 MB/s
Pulse Type Negative Square
Pulse Width 10~1000 ns 1 The maximum data rate can vary according to PC, OS settings, and the software environment.
Pulse Width Resolution 4 ns
Pulse Focusing Delay 0~40 µs SYSTEM
Maximum PRF 20 kHz Configurations 16/16, 16/128, 32/32, 32/128
64/64, 128/128, 256/256
Receiver Max Number of Cycles 2048
Receiver Sensitivity 12 bits A-Scan Resolution 8, 12, 16 bits
Receiver Gain Range 16~110 dB 16/16 110x80x40 mm3 for bare electronics
Receiver Bandwidth 384 kHz to 20 MHz 64/64 110x70x80 mm3 for bare electronics
Receiver DAC (Digital) 80 dB, up to 64 points with Linear Interpolation Weight Starting at 380g bare
Receiver Focusing Delay 0~40 µs Temperature Sensors YES
Focusing Delay Resolution 5 ns Open Source SDK YES (Fully Documented API)
DDF Up to 64 points Software Languages C++, C#, LabVIEW,
Number of Gates 4 MATLAB, and more
Full-Matrix Capture YES (in option)
SIGNAL PROCESSING 3D Focal Law Calculator YES (in option)
FIR Filter Up to 64 taps
Different Filter per Cycle Choose from 15 user defined filters Power Consumption 2
A-Scan Sampling 100 MHz 32/32 23W
Decimation 50, 33, 25, 16.65, 14.28, 12.5 MHz... 64/64 26W
Compression YES 128/128 72W
A-Scan Video YES
Acquire All A-Scans YES 2 Measured at a 2kHz PRF with a 5MHz probe. All channels enabled.
A-Scan Length 32KB
I/O Management
Encoders X,Y

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