OEM-PA2 Advanced FMC


For applications where you need to collect a lot of high quality FMC data at extreme data rates (up to 3 GB/s), advanced matrix probes or need a massive amount of parallel channels.


  • Advanced FMC acquisition modes
  • Super fast data throughput 1 GB/s to 3 GB/s !!
  • Scalable channel count
    • 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024… or more parallel acquisition channels
  • PCIexpress over fiber optic cable
  • Reach over 100 meter (328 FT) distances between OEM-PA2 and
    PC for remote applications


  • Advanced FMC/TFM
  • 128, 256, 512… up to above 1024 Channels!
  • Ultra fast data rates up to 3 GB/s


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  • 128, 256, 512... Up to above 1024 Channels





Pulse Voltage 145V FIR Filter Up to 64 taps
Pulse Type Negative Square Different Filter per Cycle Choose from 15 user defined filters
Pulse Width 10~1000 ns (lower frequency in option) A-Scan Sampling 50 MHz
Pulse Width Resolution 5 ns Decimation 25 MHz, 16.67, 12.5, 8.33
Pulse Focusing Delay 0~40 µs Acquire All A-Scans Yes
Pulse Focusing Delay Resolution 5 ns A-Scan Length 16K max points per channel
Maximum PRF 20 kHz



Arbitrary Waveform Generator

*Measured at 2 MHz

40 dB Dynamic* Configurations 128/128, 256,256, 512/512... Up to 1024 Channels!


Max Number of Cycles 4096
Receiver Sensitivity

2 Vpp at 14 bits

A-Scan Resolution 8, 14, 16 bits
Receiver Gain Range 16~110dB Temperature Sensors Yes
Receiver Bandwidth 0,25 to 20 MHz Open Source SDK Yes (Fully Documented API)
Receiver TCG (analog) 45 dB Software Languages C++, C#, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python and more



Full-Matrix Capture Yes (Standard), all FMC modes available
LAN (1000 BT, Gigabit Ethernet) 100 MB/s (Option)   3D Focal Law Calc for Matrix PA Yes (Optional Upgrade)
PCI Express Interface 1~3 GB/s High Level API Including TFM Toolbox, Real time call & display
Power Consumption2 128/128: 72 W
256/256:144 W

I/O Management

Encoders 4 Encoders: X,Y,Z
Encoder Modes Quadrature, Quadrature4edges, Direction Count, Forward Backward
Synch In Pulse Trig, Sequence Trig, Encoders
Synch Out Pulse Trig, Sequence Trig, Output
Time Stamps  Yes (Position and Line Speed)
Pin Assignments Programmable
Number I/O 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs


2Measured at 2 kHz PRF with a 5 MHz probe with all channels enabled
1  The maximum data rate can vary according to PC, the OS settings, and the software environment.


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OEM-PA 128/128 with Test Block, Probe and Laptop Displaying FMC/TFM

OEM-PA 64/64 (FMC/TFM Compatible)                      OEM-PA 128/128 (FMC/TFM Compatible)

OEM-PA 256/256 (FMC/TFM Compatible)