Fill-out and sign our legal documents

• An NDA: Non Disclosure agreement will cover the confidentiality of our exchanged information
• Territory: in some cases, a clause for territory limitations are requested

Request for quotation

• Please fill in the following template
• Send your PO ( or your AOS point of contact
• General Terms and Conditions that covers various legal points of your relationship with AOS
• Wire the 50% down-payment (a pro-forma invoice will be prepared for you to pay off of)
• When you receive the notice that your order is ready to ship, wire the remaining 50% to proceed to the delivery phase (a 2nd pro-forma invoice will come with the “order is ready” notice)
• The invoice will be prepared for you upon shipment.

Gold Membership

This membership provided to particular partners / customers, mainly integrators, who comply with our criterion. If you are interested in integrating with your own brand, and you have volume, please send a request for Gold membership. A prerequisite is to sign the NDA and the GTCs.

Legal Documents