AOS Exhibits at IPEIA 2019 Conference

The International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association (IPEIA) held their 23rd annual conference recently in Banff, Alberta.  AOS V.P. of Business Development and Communications, Paul Hayes attended the conference and demonstrated and shared information about FMC/TFM as well as our other inspection solutions.  The event was successful and we are looking forward to the next one.  Please visit us at one of our upcoming events:

OEM-PA from AOS Cited in New Materials Evaluation Article

The cover article of the January 2019 Materials Evaluation magazine “NDT of the Orion Heat Shield” includes data taken with the OEM-PA and we are cited as a reference.  The paper “Orion Heat Shield Bond Quality Inspection: Complete Inspection System” is on page 102.  The link to the magazine is here (Please note, you may have to sign in to read the entire article):{%22issue_id%22:%22552377%22,%22page%22:104}


OEM-PA from AOS used in Cryoultrasonic NDE Research

This video presentation from the Ultrasonic Imaging Laboratory at University of Cincinnati shows encapsulation of a complex object in crystal clear ice for advanced ultrasonic inspections. The ultrasonic scan was done using the OEM-PA 128/128 device from AOS..


AOS to give 2 presentations at ConaEND & IEV conference NDT Aerospace meeting

We will be exhibiting at the conference in booth #35 and we will be giving 2 presentations at the NDT Aerospace parallel event.

Presentation:  “New Advancements in Total Focusing Method (TFM)”

  • Presenter:  Gavin Dao
  • Time: 2:00 – 2:40 pm


Presentation: “An Adaptive Approach of the Total Focusing Method for the Inspection of Parts with a Complex Shape”

  • Presenter: Gavin Dao
  • Time:  5:50 to 6:30 pm

New FMC/TFM Article From AOS VP of Sales Alan Caulder

Looking for more information about FMC/TFM?  Be sure to read the new article in  the May issue of ASNT Materials Evaluation by our VP of Sales Alan Caulder ( Level III in UT and MT).   The article is entitled “Full Matrix Capture and Total Focusing Method: The Next Evolution in Ultrasonic Testing” and is featured in the “Back to Basics” section of the magazine.  Learn all about this cutting edge technology and  where its headed in the future!

You can read the full article here (You will need to sign in to view the article):

Full Matrix Capture and Total Focusing Method: The Next Evolution in Ultrasonic Testing