AOS Software Development Kit

There are an abundance of tools to guide a developer in customizing their end application. The best part is that the source code is open! The videos on this page will show you:

• How to use the system out of the box
• Simple example applications to setup the hardware with UT and Phased Array parameters.
• Debugging / Monitoring tools. Click on the video to view.

1) OEM-PA Example Application

OEM-PA Example Application

OEM-PA Tool provides the framework to build your application. See it in action.

2) OEM-PA Quick Start Guide

OEM-PA Quick Start Guide

Learn how to install the software, the documentation locations, and establish the correct setup for your network adapter. Watch this video to see how.

3) OEM-PA Tool C-Scan

OEM-PA Tool: C-Scan

This video demonstrates C-Scan acquisition using the open-source example OEM-PA Tool

4) OEM-PA Tool: Check Temp Sensors

OEM-PA Tool: Check Temp Sensors

In this tutorial video, you will learn how to read temperature measurements from on-board sensors using OEM-PA Tool.

5) EmuMon – Using the Emulator

EmuMon - Using the Emulator

Learn how to use the emulator portion of EmuMon to replay saved data.

6) Default Configuration

Default Configuration

See how to set default parameters for each device, such as filters, encoder settings, digital outputs, trigger settings, Cscan settings and Compression. Watch this video to learn how.

7) OEM-PA Sector: Example Application

OEM-PA Sector: Example Application

OEM-PA Sector provides a framework for the developer to get started. See it in action in this video.

8) Firmware Update

Firmware Update

This video highlights OEM-PA Tool and shows you how to successfully update your device’s firmware.